A free-to-play Final Fantasy XI classic private server


Tabula Rasa aims to recreate a snapshot of our favored nostalgic era while lessening many of the arbitrary tasks that existed solely to gate-keep the player’s time. In order to create this experience the developers have focused adding QoL (quality-of-life) enhancements to help get players into playing as soon as possible.

While it will still be required to run all around Vana'diel to get to your party or NM, increased movement speed and permissve outpost warps get you there faster while keeping you connected to the world.

Increased drop rates for monster drops (non-NM!) alleviate time spent farming, helping along crafts and other pursuits. We've also double Beastmen/Kindred Seal drops so players can enjoy BCNM/KSNM content more frequently.

Tabula Rasa plans to try an emulate a progression server feel, with the steady rollout of expansions over time. While we may not always be "Era-perfect", our goal is to be "Era-accurate". We plan to allow each expansion room to breathe so players can really dig into each one.

Server Information

Experience, Combat & Magic Skill-up Rate
Increased Player & Mount Movement Speed
Reduced JP midnight wait times for Quests & Missions

Development Roadmap


  • Level 75 cap
  • All Rise of Zilart content
  • Dynamis


  • Chains of Promathia

Future phases

  • These will include the Treasures of Aht Urghan and Wings of the Goddess expansions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register an account?

Once installed, you can create an account by launching the game.

Can I transfer my character from another server to Tabula Rasa?

Unfortunately we will not be allowing transferring of character data.

Can we dual or multi-box?

Nope! Tabula Rasa is a single-box server.

Are you going to add trusts, field of valor, etc?

We have no plans to release this content as it pulls players into a more solo play style. On Tabula Rasa, we want players to play together!

Where can I find information on classic FFXI?

FFXIclopedia BG Wiki