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Tabula Rasa XI

A free-to-play Final Fantasy XI classic private server

Beta is live!

  • Download installer.exe, and data.pak.
  • Run installer.exe, install in whatever directory you prefer.
  • Configs should be set already, run Windower/Ashita and play!

If you already have a retail updated game client and windowers/ashita installed. You can connect to the game server at

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Server Information

Tabula Rasa is a level 75 cap ASB-based server with minor quality of life customizations, starting at Rise of the Zilart and evolving to Wings of the Goddess.

Exp: 2.0
Drop: 1.0

Quality of Life Enhancements

What makes private servers wonderful is not only the ability to recreate a snapshot of our favored nostalgic era, but lessening some of the arbitrary tasks that only served as a timesink. Some of the enhancements to the QoL for the server include:

Increased Player Movement Speed (+40%) (QoL only, monster movement speed increased to match)
Increased Mount Movement Speed
Increased Combat & Magic Skill-up Rates (2x rate)
Removal of JP midnight wait times for Quests & Missions

This is not a final list, and more features will be added as development progresses. The idea is to stay true to the vision of the server, while either enhancing or removing out-dated ideologies that serve no purpose other than to gate-keep the player’s time.


 Phase 1 - Beta -- Complete!

Level 50 cap

Content up through Rise of the Zilart

 Phase 2 - Expanded Beta -- Now live

Level 65 cap

Zilart Missions up to ZM13

Crafting Cap 100

 Phase 3 - Initial Release

Level 75 cap

All Rise of Zilart content


 Phase 4 - CoP Release

Additional details coming...

 Phase 5 - ToAU Release

Additional details coming...

 Phase 6 - WoTG Release

Additional details coming...


Q1: Will character data be kept after the beta?

A1: Yes! Unless there is a major roadblock or corruption of data, we plan to persist all user data (progress, items, etc.), from beta to release.

Q2: How can I register an account?

A2: Once installed, you can create an account by launching the game.

Q3: Can I transfer my character from another server to Tabula Rasa?

A3: Unfortunately we will not be allowing transferring of character data.

Q4: Why start the beta at level 50 cap?

A4: One of our main goals is to provide consistent, reliable content to the player-base. We want to make sure that, as content is released, that we have the highest level of confidence in its functionality. Releasing content in steps (50 cap/RotZ, 75 cap, CoP, ToAU, WoTG), allows us to more thoroughly test and optimize content.