Welcome to our new server, Tabula Rasa! Our project is dedicated to reproducing Final Fantasy XI as it was prior to the level cap increase with minor additional comforts. Join us as we recreate the game we loved, starting with the US release (including the first expansion) and progressing to the final days of Wings of the Goddess!

Development Process & Community Involvement

Tabula Rasa is a progression server, working its way through each expansion as accurately as available information allows. This means NM’s, gear, JA’s, jobs, etc will be released with their respective expansion. To ensure era accuracy is retained, we plan to release each expansion granularly - verifying its completeness prior to its release on Tabula Rasa. As we develop our server, we will be contributing back to either LSB or ASB where appropriate, enabling all servers to benefit from our work in the spirit of open source software that Tabula Rasa is built upon! Sharing everything we make and fix helps everyone.

Server Rules

No Cheating

People like to play the dumb card or push the grayline. Cheating is cheating, even if it does not directly harm others.

Some common examples include:

  • tools to automate in-game actions
  • speed adjustment or POS hacks
  • tools that automate crafting
  • No RMT

    No real-life currency is to be traded for any in-game currency, accounts, activity, or items Period.

    No Harassment, Doxxing, Stalking

    If an activity in or outside the game will negatively affect TR, including its staff, server, or players. This Infraction can include termination of accounts or banning of your IP. so please be respectful.

    Please keep discussion civil and content at a PG rating. We want our Discord to be a welcoming place for all players to receive information and communicate with staff and each other!

    The server and Tabula Rasa global linkshell are made up of players of all ages from around the world. It is important to understand that others are having to interpret your intentions only through text. English may or may not be their first language, and common local slang may not be understood.

    The global linkshell is a useful networking tool, especially for new players on the server. Due to its nature and being awarded to all new players, we expect players to keep it clean and not disrespect the common space. Those that don’t will find their pearls broken.

    Individuals the staff infers are just seeking to cause trouble in general are liable to be jailed pending review and further possible action.

    Players are permitted to create linkshells and set their own rules, provided they do not violate our No Harassment or Hate Speech rule.